Hydraulic shock and sway suppressors (snubbers)

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Hydraulic shock suppressors Fig. 202 A



PSS hydraulic shock- and sway suppressors are used to prevent damage to appliances, pipework, pressure vessels, valves and pumps which might otherwise be caused by dynamic forces applied suddenly. These include dynamic loading occurring during operation (water hammer, pipe bursts or shocks caused by safety-valves blowing off), and on the other hand by external influences (earthquakes, explosions and wind loads). In addition, the PSS snubbers can be used as oscillation-dampers for oscillating pipework and plant components, provided the amplitude exceeds 0.5 mm.

Hydraulic shock suppressors Fig. 200 A


By using the snubbers the dynamic displacement is reduced to a minimum. Movements caused by temperature alteration are not obstructed by the snubbers.