Hydraulic shock and sway suppressors (snubbers)

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Construction features

PSS snubbers can be installed in any desired position. The fluid level in the snubbers can be easily and reliably observed from the relative positions of the pistons rods.

PSS snubbers are modular designed. Matching and alterations to suit requirements are very easy to accomplish. This is how special solutions can be offered so quickly, in accordance with the customer's requirements.

The PSS snubber has two independently-operating pairs of valves, accessible externally. By this means the snubber can be optimised to the customer's requirements on the test-bench (response velocity, bypass velocity and reaction travel). Even after installation, adjustment is possible if required. Due to the independently-operating lock-up valves, the PSS snubbers also have adequate power when working in tension and compression directions at high frequency rates. When changing direction, the second valve can react before the first valve has returned to its starting position.

The PSS snubbers have only very little frictional and starting resistances, because friction areas are very small. We placed a high priority on low friction when selecting the sealing materials.
The initial pressure in the system required for tightness is very low. The seals are all made of high quality materials and have a very long service life.

When the PSS snubbers were designed, the following standards were taken into account:

VGB - Power-Tech guideline R510L
KTA - Nuclear Safety Standards Commission 3205.3
BS 3974, Part 1
ANSI B31.1
SVDB guidelines
ASME Section III, Sub-section NF