Spring hangers/Spring supports

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Spring Hanger selection

The main selection criterion is the deviation between the cold load and the hot load.

The allowable deviation differs in the individual rules and project specifications.

Two design criteria are generally accepted:

A) The deviation between cold load and hot load is limited to 25% of the operating load (MSS SP 58).

B) The total travel SN must exceed the calculated travel SS (theoretical travel) by at least 40%. A reserve > 0,2 SS is to be provided for each final position (VGB-Rules).

The cold load and the hot load must be within the working range of the respective size.


Figure/Size selection

The Spring Hanger is selected by the support load.

The figure is selected by the travel of the support point.

PSS offers three different Spring hangers (depending on the spring rate):

  • Fig. 82: movement range 0 – 46 mm
  • Fig. B268: movement range 0 – 92 mm
  • Fig. 98: movement range 0 - 184 mm

Type selection

After determination of the figure, the hanger type has to be selected. Depending on the installation position, i.e. whether the hanger is installed above or below the structure, the types A-E are selected.

Spring Supports (type F) are installed below the support point.

Type G can be used for vertical pipes only.

For unusual conditions special Variable Supports can be manufactured.