Computer program PSS 2005

The popular computer program for the layout of hangers and supports. PSS 2005 assists the engineer to design efficiently, cost selectively and free of mistakes.

Cost reductions up to 70% in design expenditures are possible.


  • Selections of supports and accessories
  • Automatic selection of the suitable support after input of load and movement
  • Automatic selection of suitable pipe clamps, if additional input of pipe diameter and temperature is provided
  • Calculation of the rod lengths
  • Supply of complete drawings including parts list
  • Interchange and user guidance in English, French or German
  • Weight specifications on parts list
  • Interfacing with other programs possible such as AutoCAD etc.
  • Easy to use because of graphical selection menus
  • Insert of location plan, x, y, z and pipe position also optionally available

Required hardware:

  • IBM-compatible personal computer or laptop
  • VGA-card
  • Epson compatible 24-pin-printer or HP compatible laser printer
  • MS-DOS disc operating system

The operation of the program is easy to handle and user friendly. PSS 2005 takes the user throught the program by a dialog system and with the help of graphical menus. Illogical combinations are not accepted by the program. This makes PSS 2005 a valuable aid also for beginners and unpracticed designers in the field of support constructions.

For further information please contact the PSS computer department,
Tel.: +49-6821 40 11-0