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Load adjustment

When the hanger is installed its supporting force should be in balance with the portion of the piping weight assigned to it. Each hanger is individually calibrated before shipment to support the exact load specified.

Special instructions for this field recalibration of individual hangers may be obtained from PSS representatives.

No less than 15% of this adjustability is provided either side of the calibrated load for plus or minus field load adjustment. The percentage increase or decrease from the factory calibrated load should be carefully calculated. The calibrated load setting of each hanger is indicated by a narrow, die- stamped in the load adjustment scale. All load adjustments should be made from this reference point with each division on the patented scale equal to 2%. The load adjustment is made by turning the load adjustment bolt.For Example: calibrated load 1359 daN, revised load 1250 daN – load is decreased 109 daN or 109/1359 – 8%.

Turn the load adjustment bolt until arrow moves in decrease direction 4 divisions. Field adjustments are generally to be controlled by PSS experts.


Position adjustment

The Constant Hanger is provided with a travel scale indicating the installation position (white marking) and the operating position (red marking). One division of the marking is equal to 1/10 of the total travel of the Constant Hanger.

In special cases a directly readable scale can be delivered on demand.

The Constant Hanger position is indicated by the indicator bolt.

The Constant Hanger position is adjusted by the turnbuckle until the requested position according to the operating conditions has been reached.