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Travel stop

The functional design of the Constant Hanger permits the incorporation of a travel stop that will lock the hanger against upward and downward movement for temporary conditions of underload or overload, such as may exist during erection, hydrostatic test or chemical clean-out.

The travel stop consists of 2 plates with matched serrations attached to the hanger frame with two or more cop screws and with a sockets piece which engages the position indicator.

The travel stop is installed at the factory to hold the hanger in the “Installation” position. A series of serrations can be engaged to lock the hanger at any position along the total travel range.


The travel stop, which is furnished when specified, is painted red.
The stop must be removed before the piping system is put into operation, but not before the hanger is installed and fully loaded. The travel stop is released by removing the cap screw. A red tag marked “Caution” and containing instructions for removal of the travel stop in English language is attached to the hanger.