Hydraulic shock and sway suppressors (snubbers)

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Hydraulic shock suppressors Fig. 200 A


Models available

PSS hydraulic snubbers are available as a standard model, and as a special model designed for low-temperature and offshore uses.

Standard model
- Housing parts coated with extremely corrosion-resistant zinc-iron coating 10 - 15 µm.
- piston rods coated all round with 40 µm electroless nickel and the shaft additionally coated with 20 µm of hard chrome.

Special model
- Housing parts of 1.4301 stainless steel and additionally galvanised with 15 µm nickel coating.
- piston rods are made of chloride-resistant stainless steel with a 10 µm hard chrome coating on the shaft.

Further material combinations and special coatings are available at the customer's request.